Monday, December 22, 2008

TBSB Buccaneers NFC Playoff Madness - Week 17

By JC De La Torre

NFC Playoff Picture - Week 17

1.z-NY Giants 12-3 (9-2) @Min
2.x-Carolina 11-4 (7-4) @NO
3. Minnesota 9-6 (7-4) NYGiants
4.y-Arizona 8-7 (6-5) Seattle
5.x-Atlanta 10-5 (7-4) St. Louis
6.Dallas 9-6 (7-4) @Phi
Tampa Bay 9-6 (8-4) Oak
Chicago 9-6 (7-5) @Hou
Philadelphia 8-6-1 (6-4) DAL

z-Division Champs,Home Field Advantage
y- Division Champions
x- Clinched Playoff spot

The following is the a deep dive breakdown of playoff scenarios for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the NFC for the final week of the season, Week 17. Yahoo has put together this awesome Playoff Scenario Generator that helps you put everything in perspective.

NY Giants have clinched the NFC East, a first round bye and home field advantage throughout the playoffs

Arizona has clinched the NFC West

Carolina and Atlanta have clinched a playoff spot.

This Week’s Clinching Scenarios
Carolina clinches the NFC South and a 1st round bye with a victory over New Orleans or an Atlanta loss.

Atlanta clinches the NFC South and a 1st round bye with a victory over St. Louis AND a Carolina loss.

Minnesota clinches the NFC North with a win or a loss by Chicago at Houston

Chicago clinches the NFC North with a victory Houston and a loss by Minnesota vs. NY Giants

Dallas clinches a playoff spot with a win

Chicago clinches a playoff spot with a win over Houston AND losses by Dallas at Philadelphia and Tampa Bay vs. Oakland

Philadelphia clinches a playoff spot with win over Dallas AND losses by Tampa Bay vs. Oakland and Chicago against Houston

Bucs Scenarios
Tampa Bay clinches a playoff spot with a win over Oakland AND a loss by Dallas at Philadelphia

Future Cast – Buccaneers Bucs Defeat Oakland

Its pretty simple for the Buccaneers, if they defeat Oakland, they must have Philadelphia defeat the Dallas Cowboys to make the playoffs. Tampa Bay owns the head-to-head tie breaker against the Chicago Bears, while Philadelphia cannot reach 10 wins due to their tie with Cincinnati. Tampa Bay loses the head-to-head tie-breaker with Dallas. So Bucs win, Dallas loses, Bucs are in.

Bucs lose to Oakland
Jon Gruden should be fired immediately following the game.

Week 17 - Who to root for
Tampa Bay to beat Oakland (obviously)
Philadelphia to beat Dallas

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