Friday, September 25, 2009

Coming Back Soon....

Folks...we're kickin' the tires and lightin' the fires on our return to the blogspot iteration of JC De La Torre's Tampa Bay Sports Blog.

While we've enjoyed our time with MVN, it's not the format or exposure we hoped for.

I write for Bleacher Report now and starting October 26th, I'll be tying those posts to this blog as well.

Activity is going to be picking up with hard hitting coverage of the Buccaneers, Lightning, Rays, Gators, Bulls, and whatever else effects Tampa Bay sports.

BTW, since I've been gone, my fantasy book, Rise of the Ancients Annuna, has been released.
Check out my website and the official site for the book.

I hope you'll continue to follow me even though I'm no longer on MVN. Truth be told I've really missed Blogger and Blogspot.

As a featured columnist for Bleacher Report on the Buccaneers and the Rays there's a content requirement so you'll be seeing a lot from me.