Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fly Eagles Fly...a Call to Philly Fan

By JC De La Torre

Okay Philly fan...you don't like us, we don't like you. We took your Super Bowl and Stanley Cup, you took our World Series. Our teams have had bitter, titanic battles over the years and if one thing is certain, we will again. But now is not the time to dredge up all that hatred, now's the time to come together with a common goal - keep the Cowboys out of the playoffs.

While I expect (okay, the way the team has played the last few weeks maybe hope is a more operative word) that the Buccaneers will defeat the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, the game is meaningless if the Eagles fall. As disappointing as a Bucs victory would be for the Eagles and their fans - it doesn't mean there's nothing left to play for. When you kickoff at 4:15, its entirely possible that Philadelphia will already be eliminated from post season contention and its left some Bucs fans wondering if the Eagles and their fans will lie down for Dallas. I know some Eagle fans, even begrudgeonly call some my friends - and I couldn't imagine that happening.

Its still Dallas. And if your boys can't go, what would be better than keeping T.O., Romo, and Jerr-ruh Jones out of the post season? What would be better than sending ESPN and NFL Network's favorite into the off-season with two straight defeats to open their new mecca of Pro Football? Imagine the chaos that would ensue if Tampa Bay, with their dearth of names that anyone but true pro football fans would recognize goes to the post season while Dallas' galaxy of stars have to sit at home and watch on TV...

So, no matter what happens around 4pm eastern time, Eagle fans - there's still something to cheer for. We'll be cheering for your team and you just can't imagine how difficult that is for Tampa Bay fans...imagine having to cheer for Dallas or the Giants to get you into the playoffs - that's how it is for us. So give it all you got, Philly Fan...you'll feel better about it because no one brings out the hate like Dallas does...and we'll feel better for it because we'll be able to salvage something out of this late season collapse.

Of course, if the Bucs continue to circle the drain and choke against Oakland, all this is moot...but you know what? We'll still root for you guys because nobody wants to see Dallas in the playoffs (except Cowboys fans).

GO BUCS....and (ugh) E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

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