Sunday, January 18, 2009

Players Like Raheem for Bucs Gig

By JC De La Torre

The players of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers expressed excitement over the elevation of Raheem Morris to Head Coach of the team.

Quotes were provided to the Tampa Bay press from the Buccaneers Public Relations staff and compiled by our friends the Pewter Report -

"He's one of the more young and dynamic coaches in the league. He's a guy that everyone in the locker room has looked up to for a long time for the way he knows this game and for the way he approaches this game," Bucs Running Back Earnest Graham said, "I'm definitely excited and ecstatic about the opportunity to play for Raheem and give his head coaching career a heck of a start. I'm definitely ecstatic."

"I'm extremely proud for Raheem's opportunity today. He is a great example for all of us about how to really tap into your talents and run with them! He's energetic, diligent at his job and I know, well respected by everyone that works with him. He's a star in the making and we've known that for a long time," CB Ronde Barber said, "But this chance to be in what I think is an ideal situation for him, coaching where he mostly grew into his own, is very rewarding for a lot of us! I know I speak for my current and future teammates when I express how exciting it will be to work with him. I truly believe he'll build on the great traditions of Buccaneer football and lead his team to great things."

"I couldn't be more happy for Raheem," said former Buc Fan favorite Mike Alstott, "He is a great guy with a lot of passion for this game. I think he is a great fit for this team and was a great decision by the Glazer family. I think he will do a great job and the fans of Tampa Bay will be extremely pleased."

"He's a guy who's going to let the players just play and take control of the game," Running back Warrick Dunn said, "You have to respect that and I think he's going to bring - when you have a new coach he's going to bring a little bit of new fire, a little tenacity and I think for some of the young guys, and definitely for some of us older guys, it's good to have that spice a little bit. He's a guy that's going to bring a lot of energy to work and we know he's going to have a certain type of tenacity that guys are going to enjoy and love to play for. I just think he's going to do a great job and bring great leadership."

"Basically, I'm ecstatic over the decision. Obviously I'm a good friend of Raheem's, I'm a huge fan of his as a coach and I think he was on that fast track to being a head coach and he's one of the young, rising superstars in the profession." Middle linebacker Barrett Ruud said, "So I'm thrilled he's going to be coaching me while I'm there and I think he brings not only great X's and O's strategy and fundamental football, but he really knows situational football too. You combine that with knowing how to motivate people and knowing how to push people, I think he's going to be a great coach."

"I'm looking forward to going in and leading the football team under his leadership and his vision of where we need to go to win another championship," Future Hall of Fame Bucs Linebacker Derrick Brooks added, "At the same time, in anything with change, you have questions, but I think the one thing that Coach Morris will bring to the table is energy, everybody being on the same page at the same time, from top to bottom. I think that's going to be key, because we have to deal with change. The more comfortable people are in their roles and knowing their roles, the better we can deal with this change and make the best of it."

"Coach Raheem is a great energy guy and a great guy mentally. I know he knows the game. The things that he does out there on the field, especially with the defensive backs, I think it will work out great for us. He has the tools. He's been around great coaches, like Monte Kiffin, that have been around football," Prospective Free Agent Wide Receiver Antonio Bryant said, "Coach Raheem also showed his energy and his passion for the game. He's a fun person. He's a fun person to work with and winning is definitely his number one characteristic trait. I'm definitely looking forward to working with Raheem Morris as the Buccaneers head coach."

"He's, I think, very, very qualified for the position and definitely was one of the hot prospects around the NFL as a guy that's going to bring fresh life into the team and the organization," Center Jeff Faine said, "That will be a big change. I think that Coach is going to step in and do a great job."

"I remember vividly in 2002 Herm Edwards calling me and saying we have a guy coming down here who worked with us. Herm said you are going to really like this guy, I think he's really got a bright future ahead of him and just look out for him. Sure enough when Raheem arrived you could see," Former Bucs Safety John Lynch said, "We struck gold in those couple of years with some great assistants in Mike Tomlin and Raheem. I think Raheem is a young guy full of passion for the game and has been trained by the best in my mind in Monte Kiffin. I think he's got all the makings of being a tremendous head coach. I'm excited for him to have this opportunity and I think he'll thrive with it."

"The thing I believe is that Raheem was brought up in this profession correctly. He understands the backbone of this defense, and is a rising star in this business." Former Bucs assistant and Lions Head Coach Rod Marinelli said, "It all starts with his work ethic, the fundamentals and the fact that he is an excellent teacher. He has done every job there is in this business and has earned the right to be a head coach. Raheem has earned the respect of his players because he understands them. He will make a great head coach."

"Raheem is an exceptional coach and more importantly, he is a better person," Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin said, "Leadership is something he does not have to work at, it oozes out of him. He is a great example for all of us about how to really tap into your talents and run with them. He's energetic, diligent at his job and I know well respected by everyone that works with him. He's a star in the making and we've known that for a long time. The Tampa Bay organization and its fans are in great hands. "

"I see the way our DBs respond to him and they really rally around him," Bucs Offensive lineman Jeremy Trueblood said, "He looks like the type of guy who commands respect and gives respect at the same time. I think I'm going to really enjoy playing for him. I could see that attitude spreading through the whole team."

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