Friday, January 23, 2009

And now..the end is here.....

By JC De La Torre

Folks, this will be the last update of this blog, we're moving on to MVN for our blogging future.

I like to thank all of our subscribers and regular followers, I sincerely hope you guys will follow me over to our new location. Bare with me as they'll like be some growing pains as I figure out how to use everything.

We are now live on

Hopefully, you guys will dig the new lay out

Thanks to Blogger for all of the tools and gadgets that helped make JC De La Torre's Tampa Bay Sports Blog a fun and interesting place to check out.


Anonymous said...

Hope to see you soon somewhere else.

Force Factor

Anonymous said...

Missing you!!


Anonymous said...

Don't be so sad. See you soon.

Advanced Acai