Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A message to other Bloggers

By JC De La Torre

I don't pretend to be god's gift to blogging. In fact, I'm a newb nobody that is just trying to get my readership up and trying to establish a following. I like that there are some out there who dig my work and want to reference it on their own sites. I welcome that with one little caveat.

If you are going to use any of my work - you MUST link back to the original article. Not only is it blogging etiquette, its the right thing to do. Whenever I use someone else's info or work - I've ALWAYS linked back. I take time in crafting the way I want to say things, sometimes I'm a little to rough on our local teams, sometimes I try to be funny (occassionally I succeed), sometimes I can be very opinionated and provide that to you, sometimes I do hours of research on a topic and try to provide you some good analysis, other times its just straight news reporting from the wires or the local papers.

Whatever it is, if I use someone else's work - I post a link back to the source. Now, there's been a lot of folks who have done that in the past and I thank you for reading and for caring enough to link back to me. There have been other bloggers who blatantly have stolen my work and for that I cannot stand idly by. At the bottom of this blog there's a copyright and I will defend my copyright. If I find that you have used my work on your blog with out a link back or my expressed permission to do so - your ISP will be contacted and you better starting looking for a good attorney.

While I don't make a lot of money doing this - and honestly its not a money making venture for me, its more of a fun diversion from the everyday - its still MY intellectual property we're playing with here.

Please - save us both some grief. If you dig something I write - cool, I'm thrilled about that. Just link back. It takes two seconds to post a linkback, its not brain surgery and I'd do it for you.

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