Friday, November 7, 2008

Blogger Kicked Out by the Edmonton Oilers

By JC De La Torre

One of my fellow bloggers in the blogosphere suffered a great injustice last month as he was tossed out by the Edmonton Oilers because he was blogging live during a game in the press box. Basically, no one explained to him that he wasn't allowed to blog from the press box, he was confronted by Oilers staff who threaten him with expulsion from the game and told him he would never be invited to the press box again for "inappropriate use of his press pass".

You can read the entire story here - Covered in Oil: It Ends

Frankly, it's just a demonstration on how some franchises in professional sports just don't get it when it comes to the internet. I mean, we bloggers are offering FREE PUBLICITY to the franchises. We are like mini-PR guys who talk up the team and create interest. The Oilers behavior is tantamount to kicking out their own fans because they're screaming "Let's Go Oilers" too loudly or booing when the power play fails to score.

Its ridiculous. The blogger in question is so hurt by the experience that he doesn't want to blog about the Oilers any more - and his site has become one of the most popular Oiler blogs in the "Oilogosphere".

Hopefully, the Lightning, Bucs, Rays, and the other teams I cover in this blog can see that while it can at times be critical, blogging in essence is GOOD for your organization.

Good luck to Dave the Blogger, I hope he can find some peace in knowing that other bloggers stand behind him.

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