Friday, October 3, 2008

The Pitts for USF in Thursday Night loss

By JC De La Torre

Almost forgotten in the euphoria for Tampa Bay Rays baseball was that the USF Bulls had a Big East football game on Thursday night. Apparently, the Bulls forgot as well, as they sleepwalked through a disappointing 26-21 lost to Pitt.

Running back LaSean McCoy led the way for the Panthers, with 142 yds and two scores. It started off well enough for the Bulls with a blocked punt giving USF an early 7-0 advantage, but turnovers and the inability to slow down the Pitt running game would ultimately be their undoing.

This loss essentially eliminates any hopes USF had for having a shot a the National Championship. You have to go undefeated to have shot when you're in the Big East. One loss teams like Florida and USC can take a loss and still have a chance because they're in power conferences. While USF is in a BCS conference, the Big East is not regarded as one of the better conferences in the land and a loss is damning evidence that a team does not belong in championship consideration.

The good news for the Bulls is that they can still win the Big East and get to a BCS game. Just not THE BCS game.

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